1 December 2013

Montage: November 2013

Another month has gone by - holy moly! I actually cannot believe it's December already. December is my favourite month of the year! Woohoo!

Once again I've created a video montage of my past month. This one features a little bit more cake than the last, and definitely more food in general! I had a couple of weeks off cakes to focus on my college application and used the spare time to soak up the sunshine, eat some delicious treats and celebrate! Mmm - mmm!

All filmed on iPhone but this month I took it a step further and edited in iMovie on my macbook instead of iPhone. This allowed me a few extra features such as speeding up certain parts! I like the new effects, but miss the convenience of filming, editing and publishing from the same device.

I know some of you have started your own monthly videos, how are you finding the process?

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