5 March 2014

Pity parties are the worst parties

The other morning I was feeling pretty down in the dumps. It all started because for Christmas, I bought myself (and my guy) a fitbit zip.

If you don’t know what a fitbit is, it’s basically a fancy pedometer that connects to an app so you can make it a social thing and keep a leader board with your friends. I thought it was a great idea at the time, knowing how much he liked keeping fit and how it could be something we could do together, a little friendly competition.

This is what the little Fitbit Zip looks like - it's actually teeny tiny!

Alas, now we have 3 people in our leader boards and on this particular morning I was about 10,000+ steps behind both of them. BOTH of them. I was downright miserable about it. I threw a pretty enormous pity party. It was the pity party to end all pity parties. The type where I wanted to throw the damn device in the trash and never look at it again for making me feel so horrible.

So what did I do next? I walked. I offered to go drop flyers for work and walked and walked. I did some photocopying at work, and instead of waiting by the photocopier for everything to finish and then heading back to put the copies away… I took each pile individually, and walked and walked and walked. Then after work, I went to swing dancing class. 

By the end of the day I had kicked butt. Not just kicked butt, but kicked ALL the butts! I’d walked so much that not only had I caught up to the others, I’d gotten in front of them! Yippee!

(My fitbit results so far today - still kicking butt!)

Now, don’t freak out and think I’m turning this into a fitness blog. I am not a fitness freak in the slightest. I love being lazy. The reason I’m sharing this story, is because it applies to basically every single activity in life.

If I were to think about cakes, I could throw some pretty big pity parties because other cake decorators are better than me. Maybe their edges are sharper. Maybe they have amazing piping skills that I don’t have. Maybe they can make beautiful sugar flowers that I’m yet to find the patience for. Maybe they have 10 years experience where I only have two. Definitely time for some sulking.  

Or alternatively, I could work hard and persevere until I reach my goals!

Throughout our lives we’re always going to be in situations where we’re not the best. Not the fastest. Not the fittest. Not the most talented. Not the most creative. Not the most successful. However, that should not stop us from fighting to be the very best that we can. Maybe the accomplishment is simple like walking 12,000 steps and catching up to your friends, or maybe the accomplishment is huge like getting the hang of sugar blowing (this is on my to do list). It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you keep at it!

Although... I think pity parties can be good for your soul too sometimes. So maybe we’re all allowed to throw a small pity party every now and then, as long as we then pick ourselves up off the floor and walk until our legs can barely move, or work until our heads can barely keep off the table, or read until our eyes can barely focus. 

What do you think? Are you a pity party type of person or a kick ALL the butts type of person?

I think I live somewhere in the middle.

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