24 April 2014

Easter Sunday - San Francisco turned Bikes & Films

Our plans for Easter Sunday also went awry, though to nobody’s fault but our own. After a lazy sleep in, we decided to go for a bike ride before venturing into the city.

Having been given a bike on my arrival here in the US (thank you!), I’d faced one minor problem - I didn’t know how to ride it!

I hadn’t ridden a bike since I was twelve, and while the saying “it’s like riding a bike!” is regularly repeated, I can assure you that it is entirely not true and you certainly can forget how to do it.

Loving my 'Beach Cruiser'

This was my first big adventure outside the safety of a car park. I am very happy to announce that not once did I fall off! Phew!

By the time we returned from our ride we realised it was getting a bit late to head into the city, so we went for another bike ride and ended up at a beautiful Thai restaurant for a late lunch - our Easter lunch! It was delicious and they served the best spring rolls I’ve ever had.

Spring Rolls, Sweet & Sour Pork and Chicken Pad Thai at Sweet Basil Thai, Foster City

Later that evening we hopped into the ’58 Ford and headed into Palo Alto to see a film at the Stanford Theatre. This is my favourite place in Palo Alto and I highly recommend it to anyone who is in the area.

We picked up some sweets from the candy store, Rocket Fizz (taffy for me, chocolate for him), purchased a big bucket of buttered popcorn and a couple of sodas and entered the cinema to enjoy the playing of the Wurlitzer Organ which is always an enjoyable ‘between film’ event.

We watched a Barbara Stanwyck (and Marilyn Monroe) film by the name of Clash by Night which was incredibly enjoyable, and became the perfect end to our wonderful weekend.

Now I only have one more day here in California before we fly out tomorrow night to Toronto! Yippee!

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