18 April 2014

Mastering Your DSLR by A Beautiful Mess

A month ago I started an online course, "Mastering Your DSLR" by the A Beautiful Mess blog.

The course is taught by photographer Candice Stringham and provides weekly main lessons, mini lessons, creative assignments, and more.

Aperture Creative Assignment

This week is the last week of the course, however due to my travel schedule and the sporadic internet connection I've had over the past 3 weeks (ie. None at all except when I've been able to make it to the local Starbucks for their free wifi) I am about 2 weeks behind.

So far we have covered shutter speeds, apertures, and this week I have been practising taking photos on the manual setting of my camera - gasp!

The first time I turned my camera to Manual - Ahhhhh! 

If you've been following my blog for a while you may know that one of my goals for 2014 was to improve my photography skills for the purpose of being able to take beautiful photos of my cakes, which will do them justice.

Just in the first three weeks of this course I have felt my skills improve dramatically. I had started an online photography class previously and never made it past the first class. It was oh-so-boring. Candice and the girls at A Beautiful Mess have not only made the class materials easy to understand but they have shared it in a beautiful and engaging way and provided different options for your learning, ie. written, spoken or visual.

This different way of learning has really been beneficial for me. While I learn best by reading, I struggle with large books. Being given small snippets to read piece by piece has really helped everything sink in easier.

Practising with Manual settings at Sprinkles Cupcakes, Palo Alto

If you have a DSLR but have no idea how to use it, I would definitely recommend this course when it comes up again. You can browse their upcoming online classes here in their store.


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