12 April 2014

Portland, you’re alright!

This time last week I was road-tripping to Portland in the Model S (see previous post).

I’d heard a lot about Portland, all good. One of the things I’d heard which intrigued me the most was that it was “just like” my home town of Adelaide. I was beyond curious to discover if these rumours were true.

We arrived just south of Portland fairly late on the Friday night where we were staying for the two nights. We would have arrived much sooner, but as we were just getting close we passed a hotrod on the side of the freeway. Naturally, out of concern that the car may have been broken down (“a car like that doesn't deserve to be stuck on the side of a freeway”, I was told) we ventured off the nearest freeway exit and backtracked to see if we could find it - twice.

Spoiler: the car was gone so clearly wasn’t in as dire trouble as suspected.

An early night was enjoyed before an early start Saturday to attend the Portland Swap Meet. We walked around buying car parts and admiring the old cars on display for a number of hours before our arms could no longer carry anything more.

I finished the weekend by purchasing this beauty…

The most beautiful blue 1959 Chevrolet I've ever seen at the Portland Swap Meet

KIDDING! Oh, but a girl can dream right?

In reality, I said a sad goodbye to my dream car as we piled all the parts into the car and ventured into downtown Portland for the first time. Having heard good stories about a place called “Voodoo Doughnuts” we headed in that direction.

Turning a corner we were suddenly faced with a mass of people. Could that be the doughnut place? Surely not… that line would be at least a 2 hour wait… surely a doughnut couldn’t be that great.

Apparently they can!

Voodoo Doughnuts seemed to have a cult following where people actually did line up for 2 hours just to get in! My curiosity at how they could be so good was not stronger than my hunger however, and we quickly ventured further to find Killer Burger which I would highly recommend to anyone wanting a deliciously unhealthy meal in Portland. Mmm-mmm.

The burgers were advertised as “1/3 pound 100% Beef and Includes: BACON!” so how could we resist? Personally, I went for a “girlie burger”, the name given to a smaller version of each burger.

The first burger on the menu was a Peanut-Butter-Pickle-Bacon Burger - Errr no, I did not try it. 

We then went for a drive around Portland to see what we could find. We glanced up and saw a strange pod type vehicle travelling through the air and followed the ‘tram lines’ to see if we could find it! We certainly did end up finding it (with some help of google - one way streets make things so darn tricky!) and at a $4 return trip, the Portland Air Tram was well and truly worth it. Incredibly views all round despite it being such a dreary day.

View of Portland from the top of the Aerial Tram - still incredible despite the rain!

Our Saturday concluded with some fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts before our long trip back to the Bay Area on Sunday.

So, is Portland really like Adelaide?

It was certainly full of ‘hipsters’ and the buildings certainly had a similar charm to those of Adelaide. It was a delightful city, but I think that may be where the similarities end.

Perhaps I should reserve all judgement until I can get back to Portland and experience more of it. It is definitely worth a second visit!

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