11 April 2014

Road Trippin’ to the Future

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to spend road-tripping from the Bay Area to Portland, Oregon in a Tesla Model S.

We set off early Friday morning to our first charging location. For those who don’t know, the Model S is an electric car. A luxury electric car.

The Tesla Model S hooked up to the Supercharger - isn't she lovely?

I have to admit, after seeing some of the hybrid cars out there (and I use the term car very loosely), I wasn’t expecting to be incredibly impressed despite all the good things I’d heard.

Well, cutting a long story short: I am converted. Electric cars are the way of the future and this particular car is making it happen.

Here’s the long story. Fully charging the car took about 40 minutes, so the twelve hour trip to Portland was a mix of decent stops where we left the car and headed off to get a decent meal, and short stops where we charged for a quick 15 minutes to get to the next Tesla Supercharger.

For someone who is in need of stopping regularly during road trips (seriously bladder, could you be more inconvenient?), this worked out perfectly for me.

The best part? The road-trip was free. We travelled to Portland for free.

I’ll let that sink in for a minute.


Charging at the Tesla Superchargers doesn’t cost a cent and the ease of plugging in the car was astonishing.

The long story might be starting to bore you now so I’ll cut it short again. Basically, inside the car is a 17” screen that controls everything. Pretty cool in itself, but add to this the music function and the fact that this car is connected to the internet. Hello streaming!

You can also browse the internet (such as the Sugar Push website) but don't try while driving! Passengers only!

Basically I could tell the car to “play the Spice Girls” and it would. Then it would play other music just like the Spice Girls. I’m using this as a hypothetical, but who am I kidding - I totally did ask it to play the Spice Girls. And. It. Was. Amazing.

Aside from asking it to play a particular song or artist & similar, the different genre stations to choose from were incredible too. I was partial to the Indie Folk station, while my driver was partial to the Soundtracks station. Apparently it made him feel important, like he had his own life soundtrack - naturally.

The charging stops probably added an extra hour or two to our journey, but it was such an enjoyable trip that we barely noticed. I think I could be stuck in that car for another 12 hours and still be enthusiastically asking the car to “Play 5ive!” in an American accent, since apparently my Australian one cannot be understood.

More on my Portland adventure later!


  1. I hope you enjoy Portland. Yes, we are very much on the electric car trend here in Oregon. We have lots of charging stations. If you make it to a Burgerville, you can enjoy some local, sustainable food (it is fast food, but still good) and charge your car there. I have a friend that has an electric car and really likes it.

    1. Thanks Lauren! Oregon was beautiful - so green! More on my trip will hit the blog tomorrow :)

      Ohh I wish I knew about Burgerville! That sounds great! We mostly stuck with the Tesla Superchargers because they're so much faster than any others, although we did try out a couple of the slower ones - they were a bit of a nightmare to use and cost money! Whaaaaaaaaat?! Crazy days hehe!


  2. WOW I have never heard about these type of electric cars before - so cool that the trip ended up being free! Can't wait to read more about your trip! xo

  3. HECK YEAH SPICE GIRLS! Gosh haha you're so cute!! I'm so glad you're having a wonderful time!


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