13 April 2014

San Francisco: Take 2

I’ve been to San Francisco only once before.

Early evening we drove across the Golden Gate bridge and up to a look out to take photos and see the fog rolling in. It was bitterly cold and I’d only been told to pack summer clothes. Later we drove up and down a few streets in the city before our car broke down and we had to run to the train station to catch the last train home - freezing and terrified in a city I didn’t know.

Needless to say, my memories of this popular city weren’t the best. I hoped to change that this trip.

One part of San Francisco I did like during my first trip was the beautiful signage!

In the past week that I’ve been in California we’ve made the short trip up to San Francisco a couple of times. The first time we headed into the “Mission” district to get some Mexican. Strangely, this was my first experience eating a burrito ("Whaaaaat?!”) and I can’t say I overly enjoyed it (“Whaaaaaaaat?!” I know, I know - I’m weird).

Cities are an interesting topic that my mind has been contemplating quite regularly. Being in my not-quite-mid twenties, big cities are supposed to be where I long to spend my time. They are where all the exciting things happen, where all the interesting people gather. Alas, coming from a small town before moving to a small city, I have been struggling to warm to them.

This past Monday, we ventured back into San Francisco to suss out the ‘Ice Cream Bar’. This was one place I was extremely excited about - a bar serving alcohol AND ice cream? It doesn’t get any better than that. Oh wait, it does - because we drove in style to San Francisco in a ’58 Ford!

Unfortunately, before we entered the Ice Cream Bar, we decided to walk down Haight Street a bit and see the sights. A lot of wonderful vintage store windows were gazed through, however I couldn’t shake the anxiety that cities always cause me. The people are loud and unusual and my eyes always keep to the ground to avoid drawing attention.

It’s all a bit much for this small town gal!

Shake, Classic Brownie Sundae and Lemon Soda at the Ice Cream Bar

However, once back to the Ice Cream Bar the evening improved. I was well and truly flustered, but by the time my Classic Brownie Sundae and Lemon Soda arrived I was calm enough to fall in love with the bar. My enjoyment was increased even more by the sight of a dog on the loose rampaging through the bar, with a very apologetic owner in tow.

As we walked back to the ’58, we passed many more dogs out and about with their owners, which raised two points;

A) How and where do people keep dogs in a big city like this?


B) The strangely large amount of dogs in this city could potentially be the one reason I may start to love it.

Maybe. No promises.

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