15 April 2014

San Francsico: Take 3

I was determined to like San Francisco.

I knew there had to be something there I’ve been missing that everyone else adores.

Bay Bridge, San Francisco

Up until this past weekend I had only been to San Francisco at night. My perception of the city was glimpses of potential (the Ice Cream Bar and dogs everywhere, for example) clouded by the seedy streets that come with any large city at night.

I never felt safe and that ruined the whole experience for me.

Yesterday I went to San Francisco during the day. Yesterday I fell in love with San Francisco.

The beautiful houses, the variety of people, the shopping. Oh my!

We parked the ’58 Ford near Market Street and I was all bundled up in my usual coat, scarf, gloves and beanie that has been my permanent clothing choice since arriving in California - who knew it got so cold here?! It wasn’t long though before the sun really came out and all those items were discarded. Ahh, warm sunshine!

We checked out a few stores that I’d never experienced, such as Old Navy, Forever 21, and Macy’s. We happened to stumble upon a Converse store which put the Australian Converse stores to shame. As we walked in our attention was first caught by a whole wall of sneakers in the design of the American Flag (something rather common here I’ve noticed!), and shortly after by a ‘chandelier’ in the middle of the store made of sneakers. So awesome.

Converse Store, San Francisco

After our shopping fix we drove through Fisherman’s Wharf to see some of the touristy sights. We plan to return next weekend to check it out on foot.

Pier 23, San Francisco

There were two sights we had to see before we headed back out of the city. First, Lombard Street and driving down it (also known as causing a bit of scene) in the ’58. Very cool.

Secondly, Twin Peaks: the highest point in San Francisco. Very cool as well, but more so in the temperature sense. Yikes! Glad I had my coat!

The view from Twin Peaks

I have been sold on San Francisco and now cannot wait to explore more of it… during the day of course.

Oh, and in more general terms of the US. I knew things were much cheaper over here, but THIS much cheaper blew my mind.

A KitchenAid for $300?! You would be paying minimum $600 for the exact same thing in Australia - on sale!

I think their recommended retail price is around $799 but don’t quote me on that. Either way, it’s less than half price, and in my favourite colour too! If I have any funds left at the end of this 6 month trip I may have to pack one of these guys in my suitcase!

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