4 May 2014

O Canada!

Holy guacamole, gosh gee whiz!

So much has happened since my last proper blog post that I don't even know where to begin.

First things first; I have been in Toronto for over a week now. Whoaaaaaaaaaa!

I'm finally starting to get an understanding of where things are and how the public transport system works. It's pretty simple, although I have caught the incorrect train a few more times than I would like to admit. You'd think it would be pretty simple - just east or west - but alas, with my sense of direction (or lack thereof) there were a number of 'oops' moments.

The apartment I'm staying at is in the perfect location, close to the subway with a bus stop 2 doors down and just a 20 - 30 minute trip to downtown Toronto. More importantly, just around the corner is Galaxy Donuts which have these babies for 90 cents. Thank you donut gods!

Hawaiian Donut from Galaxy Donuts on Keele Street, Toronto - yum!

The apartment itself is wonderful and homely (the washing machine even sings the same song as the one back home when it's done - ahhh how comforting!) but more on that in a later post. Also more later on the cat who is currently snoring on my lap as I type this.

Over my first weekend in Toronto we explored a bit of the downtown area. Our group consisted of a mix of Canadians, Americans & Australians, which was interesting to say the least. Many sights were seen, places explored, and fun was had.

So two Americans, a Canadian and an Australian walked into a bar...
I won't say yet that I've figured out my way around the city - oh gosh no! I will say however, that I am getting used to the subway and places are starting to look familiar as I wander around. Not familiar enough that I don't need to rely on google maps though... and I still manage to get lost with that! Oh, why wasn't I born with a sense of direction? Whyyyy?

While I took some time to warm to San Francisco, I have fallen in love with Toronto instantly. From first impressions the city seems like a lovely mix between the good parts of San Francisco and the good parts of Australian cities. I am not constantly fearful for my safety like I was in the US and that is very reassuring.

I am even getting used to the cold, although everyone tells me that very soon the heat will hit and I will die from the humidity. Or... you know, at least have crazy hair. Which is practically the same thing, right?

If you have any recommendations for places I should visit during my time here in Toronto (cheap, preferably! I am on a budget you know - geesh!) , please let me know!


  1. I love seeing Toronto through your eyes! Good luck tomorrow- I can't wait to follow your progress! And we definitely have to meet up soon! XO

    1. Thank you Mardi! Coffee date soon! xx


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