20 May 2014

Week 2 at Bonnie Gordon College

I can't believe I'm about to start my third week at Bonnie Gordon College. The time is just flying by - only 14 weeks left!

The past week was incredibly fun with a lot of variety.

Monday kicked off with our 'Intro to Piping', with the entire day practising basic piping techniques. While I had already been taught some basic piping skills two years ago at Planet Cake, this class definitely extended my knowledge and of course, everything gets better with practise!

Tuesday brought us a class on 'Creaming Method Cakes' and we baked the most delicious lemon cupcakes with Italian Meringue Buttercream, along with a marble cake, which I masked in Chocolate Italian Meringue Buttercream.

Oh, Italian Meringue Buttercream - you are my new love. I will talk more about Buttercream in a separate post very soon - I could talk about the topic for hours! For now, just know that Italian Meringue Buttercream is rocking my world big time.

Wednesday was all about Cupcakes & Jam! We made orange cupcakes & mixed spice cupcakes, along with candied orange and apple slices, orange curd as well as jam and marmalade.

Orange Cupcake filled with Orange Curd, topped with Cream Cheese Icing & Candied Orange

Well... we were meant to make marmalade. Apparently my baking partner and I are not very good at multi tasking and burnt out marmalade terribly. Oh, the smell was awful! So too was spending the rest of the day cleaning that damn pot.

Tip: Adding water with baking soda to pot and bringing to a simmer really helps to get it clean. Also scrubbing with baking soda afterwards helps get those final bits off. I got the very black pot back to shiny silver again. Success!

Our mixed spice cupcakes were set aside for Thursday, which was the most exciting day of the week because we made...

Cupcake Bouquets!!!

Cupcake Bouquet Class at Bonnie Gordon College - created by Miss Sugar Push

This is probably my favourite thing made so far in the course. It was just so beautiful! I find piping rather relaxing, and piping cupcakes is much less stressful than piping on a cake. I could pipe these babies all day!

Except roses... do not talk to me about roses. Last week was incredibly humid here in Toronto, especially on the day we made these bouquets. The rose petals were really insistent on melting into one another and making a hot mess! Arrrgggghhhhhh!

Friday introduced us to 'International Cookies'. We ran out of time to finish baking all of them (checkerboard & pinwheel cookies coming soon) but we did finish off two very cute types.

Firstly, these Pesche cookies were my favourite because they were just too cute! Look at those little sugary-bum-like peaches! Aww!

Pesche Cookies
They were filled with Pastry Cream which was sooooo yummy!

Second on the menu for International Cookies were these Linzer Cookies. Apparently they smelt like Christmas with all the Cinnamon, but coming from Australia it didn't smell like any Christmas I've witnessed! For me, salt water, cold meats and fresh seafood smells like Christmas... mmmm summer.

Linzer Cookies filled with Raspberry & Strawberry Jam
The rest of the cookies will be baked tomorrow, while we also look at Fruit Filled Cakes! The rest of the week will be spent on Intermediate Cake Decorating, which I am beyond excited for.

Coming to this Diploma Programme, I wanted to keep an open mind in terms of Confectionary Art and what my speciality may be in the future. While so far my focus has been on cake decorating, I really wanted to see if maybe I'd enjoy cookies more, or pastries, or maybe chocolates. I still have a lot more to experience, but I must admit that so far I am just feeling more and more in love with the art of cake decorating.

Let's see what this week will bring!

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  1. I love these recaps - and look forward to more! I had fun in the International Cookie class I took at Bonnie Gordon last year - and loved making both Linzer and the Pesce cookies too!


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