26 May 2014

Week 3 at Bonnie Gordon College

This past week was a short week at Bonnie Gordon College after a public holiday on Monday.

What was it for? Umm... something called Victoria Day to celebrate Queen Victoria and her birthday? Maybe? All I know for sure was that it was an extra day off! Yippee!

The week began on a less than fun note for me - fruit filled cakes. Yuck!

I know, you're all thinking "Whaaaaaat?! What's wrong with fruit filled cakes?" and I'll tell you what. Nothing, except me and my dislike of fruit in cake.

I'm one of those weird people who doesn't like cooked fruit at all. I'm also one of those weird people who don't like to mix certain flavours. In my mind, cake goes well with chocolate. Oh, yes it does. Cake can also go with fresh strawberries and cream. Mmm-mmm. But cake filled with raisins? Blurgh! Just like how I don't think Nutella should go on bread. Yes, you may all recoil in horror and flee from this blog. Haters gonna hate.

Surprisingly, the class didn't start out too bad. Carrot cake - yum! What could go wrong with that?

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting - and raisins, argh!

See those black spots? Those are raisins. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

It was okay though, because up next was Banana Cake. You can't go wrong with banana cake - or so I thought. 

The cake itself was fine. But then we filled it with a fruit compote flavoured buttercream. A blueberry buttercream to be exact. Blueberries and bananas? No. Just no. Another cake ruined.

The day wasn't a total waste however, as we did get to finish baking the last batch of cookies from the prior weeks International Cookies day. Helloooo checkerboard cookies. Don't they look cute?

Checkerboard Cookies
They were a little bland, but I think if they were sandwiched together with a yummy filling like a Pastry Cream, Buttercream or Ganache they would be divine!

Wednesday to Friday brought us Intermediate Cake Decorating. Ahh, my love! Decorating days make me so much happier than baking days. I immediately focus more and relax at the same time. Decorating days feel like home.

We went over some new techniques, and built up to our final day of decorating on Friday where our goal was to use as many of the techniques as we could. This was quite a challenge for me, since if you are familiar with my style of cakes, they are generally quite clean and simple. I'm not the type to make a cake too 'fussy'.

Considering a lot of my decorating experience has been with novelty cakes, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to focus on a 'pretty' cake. Ruffles, roses, crimping, pearls, lustre - I tried to fit in as much as I could without making the cake look cluttered!

I had originally planned to add some piping to the cake as well, since it was another technique I wanted to practise, but as I got to the end I knew that it would take the nice, clean cake much closer to the borderline of 'tackiness'.

I am still having a mighty struggle with my ganache training and obsession with getting sharp edges on my fondant, to now working with buttercream and trying not to squish it. I still remain unconvinced on using buttercream under fondant, and I cannot see myself ever enjoying the process.

I find myself regularly thinking "Why haven't they invented a better frosting to use under fondant? Oh wait, they have!" and longing for my ganache scrapers.

It is all a learning experience though I suppose, and this journey in buttercream will make me a more versatile decorator. Next weekend I am acting as a Teachers Assistant for Bonnie Gordon College's new 'Buttercream Cakes' class and I am very much looking forward to what I can observe.


  1. took me ages to like raisins in any thing, I think I was 27 or 28 before I would eat them. Now I don't care much, I think my pallet has changed a little.

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