23 June 2014

Bonnie Gordon College Week 7

This week at Bonnie Gordon College was Chocolate Week with instructor, Michael Smith.

'Chocolate Week' sounds incredible right? Hell, it sounds so good we should make it 'Chocolate Month'! But why stop there when we could make it 'Chocolate Life'?! Mmmm chocolate life.

In reality however, I'll just begin this post by saying that there is a very slim chance I'll be becoming a chocolatier. Very, very slim.

Now don't get me wrong, working with chocolate sure is fun and even if it doesn't look pretty you still get to eat it after so it's a win-win. Except that there wasn't a single thing I did this week which was 100% right. Maybe the pools of melted chocolate were distracting? Maybe the fact that I was eating it constantly caused a sugar rush that affected my brain.

Or maybe I just don't have a talent for working with chocolate. All plausible scenarios.

Chocolate Week was also very messy.

And this was a good day! I think my apron is permanently stained!
Alas, despite my numerous blunders and just general flailing around all week with no idea what I was doing - I am so sorry Lily, you really should have tried to swap baking partners - our results weren't too bad. They were certainly edible. You may even say delicious!

Out of the few projects we attempted this week that actually turned out, this Buttercrunch was one of my favourites. Deliciously chocolate-y, caramel-y, hazelnut-y goodness. It's not overly sweet, and I could probably eat the entire bag... in fact, I think I almost have!

Another project that turned out deliciously edible were these chocolate ganache bars. Aren't they cute with their little chocolate transfers?

Chocolate Ganache Bars
Okay - so maybe these were actually meant to be bite size chocolate 'bon bons'. Maybe I got a little carried away and made them into (extra) fun size chocolate bars. It's possible that someone less in love with chocolate than I am would struggle to eat a whole bar. What's that saying? Go big or go home?

My favourite of everything we made this week were these chocolate salted caramels.

"Chocolate Salted Caramels"

Made with... Australian Murray River pink salt! Whoa! These won't be hanging around for long!

We also made dark chocolate fruit truffles but I let my baking partner take all of those because well, fruit. Blurgh. I also attempted white chocolate bon bons that just didn't want to come out of their moulds, a chocolate flower which never got off the ground, and a chocolate box which... well, let's not talk about the chocolate box.

Needless to say, I am praying that chocolates won't be in this terms practical exam!

This week we get to briefly return to cakes - phew!

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  1. Never mind what you say Taryn, these are GORGEOUS, every single one of them :)


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