3 June 2014

Montage: May 2014

One whole month of living in Canada and attending Bonnie Gordon College is over!

Only three to go now - wow.

It's been a crazy busy month and I have been flat out sharing my time between college, swing dancing classes, and trying to fit in a little bit of a social life and seeing some touristy sights.

I've fallen into such a routine that when it came to put together this months video I didn't think I'd have anything interesting to share. I was incredibly surprised when I had to find a longer song to fit in all my adventures! I guess I've done more than I thought!

Here's my latest monthly montage: all Toronto, all the time!

My first month in Toronto has been incredible. The occasional waves of homesickness are quickly beaten away by knowing what an incredibly opportunity this is!

Bring on month 2!

1 comment :

  1. Taryn I LOVE these montages :) And woot - there I am too. Honoured to have been featured!


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