1 June 2014

Week 4 at Bonnie Gordon College

This week our classes at Bonnie Gordon College (BGC) were all about sugar flowers!

I've been really excited about this part of the course because while I'd made a couple of sugar flowers in the past, I just wasn't really 'getting it'. I guess my patience for working with such delicate petals wasn't up to scratch, and I'd ended up just plain frustrated in my previous classes. Frustrated, and with broken flowers. Sigh.

Our instructor for the week was the very talented Jenny Maw who solely teaches sugar flowers at BGC. Her creations are so beautiful that I could hardly tell they weren't real flowers!

I admit, at the start of the week I found myself stuck in my frustrated zone and things weren't really going as planned. My first attempt at making ranunculus was embarrassing to say the least (and they're so easy!) and I think peonies will cause me some headaches for a while longer.

However, but the end of the week I was feeling much more comfortable in working with the gum paste, wiring petals together and trying my best not to be too heavy handed and break ALL the things.

See? Ranunculus weren't so bad in the end! 

I will say one thing - the humidity of Toronto and gum paste does not go well together. The first couple of days this week my hands were so hot that I could barely touch the gum paste without damaging the flowers. It made me a little homesick for dry ol' Adelaide.

Thursday we started putting together flowers for our own cake design, and we also received a lecture from Bonnie Gordon herself on flower placement and structure of cakes. She shared a lot of really great information, especially for those in the class who have don't have experience with structure and transportation of cakes.

I was quite pleased with my end result - not bad for a girl who has never done many 'floral' cakes!

Final results of Gum Paste Flower week at Bonnie Gordon College

The part I was most excited about were the succulents! Although they weren't part of the teaching curriculum for the week, we begged Jenny to show us the secrets of the succulent. Such an 'in' thing at the moment, I was so happy with how they turned out! Having never been demonstrated how to make a full succulent, I was really quite hesitant to see how they would come together. They really weren't looking too good until I put their final row of leaves on and suddenly they took shape!

Close up of the feature flower of my cake - a delicate rose!

It was pointed out to me that all of my cakes in the course so far have ended up being pink and/or blue. I haven't done this intentionally, but I guess you can tell what my favourite colours are!

One month down - three to go!

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