15 June 2014

Weeks 5 & 6 at Bonnie Gordon College

Holy guacamole!

It's been a couple of weeks since I updated and they have been the most stressful weeks! The reason? The past 4 days at Bonnie Gordon College were my first term exams. Gah!!!

Let's rewind a bit before we get to that though because we totally missed chatting about chocolate cake week. Ooooh yes, it was full of chocolatey goodness!

We baked not one, but three chocolate cakes and we had our first play with chocolate ganache. I immediately found my happy place! Unfortunately, their ganache recipe was a little different to what I'm used to, and the technique used to ganache was entirely different, but nothing was going to dampen my spirits on ganache day! I even got to pull out my handy dandy Clear Cake Scrapers by The Cupcake Lady and demonstrate how I would ganache a cake back home! It was slightly terrifying and entirely awkward but fun nonetheless.

On Thursday we got to venture into the world of figures made from modelling chocolate. All I'll say on this topic is GIVE ME FONDANT ANY DAY! Modelling chocolate has its benefits including taste and not drying out, however it's major fault is that it melts. One thing I've learnt during my 6 weeks at BGC is that I have hot hands and touching melty things is a no go.

Friday returned us back to our lovely ganached cakes and we got to cover them with modelling chocolate, instead of fondant. I found this a more difficult medium to work with than fondant. It is also more expensive. It does however, taste a lot better. Ahh, conundrum!

Modelling Chocolate Covered & Decorated Cake

Once covered, we were allowed to decorate our cakes however we liked with modelling chocolate. I was quite happy with the result!

This brings us to week 6. Exam week!

We had a bit of relief on Monday with a day split between painting on cakes and a photography seminar. Let's get one thing straight: I am NOT a painter. There is a reason I dropped art in my first year of high school. My attention span for such tasks is basically non-existent and within the first half an hour of painting I was ready to bang my head against the wall.

So what do I do for my exam practical? Paint the entire cake of course!

Our exam was split into three parts. A written assignment, a 3 day practical 'celebration cake' assessment, and a theory exam. For our practical, we were each given a fake client with their cake request.

My cake had to be for a young man who has been accepted into a Landscape & Garden Design programme, after which he'll be heading to the UK to study at another Garden Design School. His dream is to one day own his own landscape company and his parents are hosting a party to celebrate this next step in his career.

This raised one critical problem. My first instinct when hearing 'garden design' is to decorate the cake with beautiful flowers - alas, being a cake for a young male, how does one make it a masculine design?

My conclusion: succulents!

First Term Exam Prac at Bonnie Gordon College

I based my design on this Corten Steel Succulent Wall, although in the end it's debatable whether the cake looks like Corten Steel or wooden floorboards - either way, it gave off a more masculine, rustic vibe.

Thankfully first term exams have now come to an end and I now just have to wait anxiously for the results!

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  1. Ahh these ones were so yum! And so pretty it felt wrong cutting into them...


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