6 July 2014

Bonnie Gordon College Week 9

What a short week!

I enjoyed a wonderful 4 day weekend for Canada Day with a visit from my best friend, and spending a lot of time relaxing. Definitely a needed break with all this crazy studying and school stress!

The 3 day week let us complete our sugar work, and introduced us to a topic I had been very much looking forward to: Macarons!

Sugar Work was a bit less painful this week as I discovered, due to my skins heat sensitivity, I needed to prepare my hands with band-aids on each finger and 2 - 3 layers of gloves on top of that. It also made the medium a bit more enjoyable to work with, although still difficult as I didn't have quite the same control as you would with less bandaged hands!

To warm up I created a creepy looking duck, and then got busy with this cute little snowman. His hat had to be made twice, as the first time the table I was working on buckled which both gave me a heart attack and also shattered the sugar that was sitting on it. The scary dramas that come with heat lamps!

"Do you wanna build a snowman?"

After that we decided to work on a display piece as a group. An underwater theme inspired by this 'sleazy' pineapple that one of the girls had made - because pineapples and underwater themes go together, naturally!

"Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?"

So too, do snowmen and birds apparently.

After my initial dislike of sugar work, I must admit I was a little sad to be finished with the topic. Perhaps this may be a new hobby I can play with in the future.

No time to be sad though, because Thursday was Macaron day! We got to make Coconut Macarooons first, and then some Rocher which were incredible. Nothing could stop me from snacking on them all day long.

"Rocher" from the French 'boulder or rock' 

Then onto Swiss Meringue, French Meringue and Italian Meringue Macarons! Fillings for mine included salted chocolate caramel ganache, chocolate hazelnut ganache, and swiss meringue buttercream. Mmm-mmmmmmmmm!

They definitely weren't as scary as everyone makes them sound, although I think I have Mardi to thank for introducing me to Macarons when I first arrived in Toronto and taking away that scare-factor.

Salted Chocolate Caramel & Chocolate Hazelnut Macarons

Which is my favourite recipe of the 3? Hmm, let me taste test...

Mmm... yummm... mmm-mmm... om nom nom...

The Verdict: I think I would have liked the Italian Meringue the best - but for something a little different we made Hazelnut Chocolate Italian Meringues which aren't really my thing. I do love chocolate, just not so much when it comes to a Macaron. I think I'll need to try them again with the normal recipe.

Oh, and just as a by the way: here's another look at what is a Macaron and what is a Macaroon...

Macaron vs Macaroon - get it right!

A Macaron has a smooth top and 'foot' at the base, sandwiched with a filling. Macaroons are more rustic with no filling (although sometimes dipped in chocolate).


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