3 August 2014

Haute Couture Cakes at Bonnie Gordon College

After exams wrapped up last Thursday, we were introduced to Haute Couture cakes at Bonnie Gordon College on Friday.

The fabulous Marisa Blackburn from MarissKiss was our instructor for this two day class, sharing her expertise in these stunning cakes.

I was first introduced to the Haute Couture Cake style by Lori Hutchinson, aka The Caketress, back when I first started decorating 2 years ago. While I missed out on learning from Lori herself, I was very much looking forward to this class and I was not disappointed.

The whole class did an amazing job!

Haute Couture Cakes by Pamela, Myself, Rosa and Lily

While I'm not a very "glittery" person generally, for some reason with this project I was drawn to sequins and everything sparkly!

I eventually settled on this dress as my inspiration. While it may not have been considered as "haute couture" as most inspirations, being a more affordable dress I felt it would be something a bit more realistic that a bride might ask me to recreate in cake form.

Unfortunately the photos don't quite do the sparkles justice, but I have been covered in 'disco dust' for the entire week!

Nothing wrong with being a bit sparkly, right?

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